Malhar Special Misal – Near Jagtap Dairy signal, Pimple Saudagar Pune.

Pune has many famous Kolhapuri Misal Pav spots, Malhar misal pav is one of such misal pav place in jagtap dairy area. It’s popular due to its consistent spicy kolhapuri taste. While going from kalwadi to Jagtap dairy signal, at left side of highway, Malhar Special Misal is located. This spot is serving the best misal since many years with same outstanding taste.


We have been there many times to taste its brilliant kolhapuri misal gravy that makes this misal truly amazing. The matki used with gravy and good quality farsaan is great combination altogether. Now a days they serve butter roasted pav with the misal. If you even taste only misal gravy, it makes you refreshing specially in winter or rainy season when we requires something hot food to refresh throat. The mixture of kolhapuri spices used in the misal is awesome to get quality taste.  The hotel ambience is good enough with proper hygine and cleanliness; service is prompt as well. If you are staying near jagtap dairy area, this is one of the best spot to visit at least once to have spicy kolhapuri misal experience.  The fresh hot tea after delicious misal is also worth to have.You could park the vehicle in front of the hotel.



Altogether, must visit misal pav place in Pune for spicy misal lovers. Please do visit and share your experience.


Malhar Special Misal,

Near Jagtap Dairy signal, Pimple Saudagar Pune.

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