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Lokpriya Khanawal:

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You would have heard Mess word, this is used to call for hotels where food gets at the low price and students- working professionals usually go for it. Maharashtrian style mess serves home-style food, In Pimpri Chinchwad, you could find many best veg messes, we will be covering them in coming time.If you want to eat Maharashtrian home style food in reasonable rates, Lokpriya Khanawal (Mess) is one of the best options in Akurdi-Nigdi area. This spot is popular among every age group due to quality and lower rates.

We got the chance to taste the food of Lokpriya Khanawal which is a quite old veg mess spot in the Akurdi.  The specialty of this place is of having a fresh Maharashtrian style pure veg thali at very low rates. Their veg thali contains two type of sabzi (one dry other with gravy), dal, chapati and rice. Let’s share our eating experience, we  had reached approximately 12:30 pm on Saturday, the mess was just started. We got potato flower dry sabzi,beans gravy, dal, chapati and rice. The food was fresh and tasty, specially chapati was bigger and hot. They give unlimited food except for one dish rice which could again enough for one person. We had enjoyed every food item thoroughly and satisfied our taste buds with quality food.

How to reach:

This place is located in Akurdi, if you go from Sabhaji chowk to Akurdi, it’s located at a right side near to JamboKing. The mess board is smaller that you could miss out the spot.All in all, it’s a different eating experience, if you are tired by eating restaurant food and wants a change without paying more, this place is a worth to go.

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Lokpriya Khanawal,

Near jumboking, 

Shri Mhalsakant Vidyalaya Road, Ganga Nagar,

Akurdi Pune


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