Bhimthadi Jatra Pune

The Bhimthadi Jatra is combination of authentic Maharashtriyan food festival and annual crafts fair schedule every year in Pune. The location is usually at Agriculture ground in Range Hills area behind E square theater of Pune University road.

bhimthadi jatra

bhimthadi pune

The people especially women from different areas of Maharashtra bachat gat (women group organization) showcase the handcrafts and different food items. Bhimthadi jatra creates completely village culture with lot of interesting things you can’t miss to have.



There are different types of stalls where you can get everything starting form handcrafts, homemade food items, clothes etc. Apart from this you can have folk dance, bullock ride, maharashtriyan lavani show etc. Food stall gets home made food items like, Kolhapuri misal masala, different types of chutney, papad, pickels and many more interesting things.

bhimthadi food

After checking stalls department you can go for eating department, they categorize for veg and non veg food. You will get everything from Maharashtriyan cuisine starting famous food from every regions like Vidharbha, North Maharashtra (khandeshi), konkan and Western Maharashtra. If you start from Konkan, in veg, you get special konkan veg thali with soul curry and different fish food items in non veg. In north maharashriyan food, you can have very popular khandeshi mande, bharlei wangi, wangyache bharit or spicy shevbhaji. Popular Kolhapuri misal pav and non veg thali including pandra tambda rassa for chicken and mutton brings taste in your food. Vidhrabha varhadi thecha or non veg thali also has unique taste.

bhimthadi papd masala

Altogether must visit place to know about Maharashtiyan culture. You could visit their official website for this year schedule and more info.


Bhimthadi Jatra,

Agriculture college ground, range hills Pune

Website :

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