Best Food In Pune In Rainy Season

Guys, we always wait for monsoon to get a chance to enjoy beautiful nature around Pune and tasty food in rainy weather. Pune is well known for its delicious food and places. Lets discuss some famous food items Pune people usually tastes during rainy season.


Tea :

No need to say, this is first choice to enjoy with rainy weather. In Pune, amrutulya style tea is famous for its delicious taste. You could catch any amruttulya tea stall across the town. Moreover, there are many famous tea spots to have a brilliant tea.

Misal Pav :
Misal Pav is undoubtedly most eaten food in Pune. Its a divine experience to have hot and spicy misal in rainy weather specially hot misal gravy makes us refreshing. You could find best misal places in Pune at

Vada Pav :
Imagine food life without hot and crispy vada pav, it could be nearly impossible to live without that. ūüôā Vada Pav in Pune has many things which people never try to miss in rain. Its an amazing experience to hav hot vada pav and observe continues rain. As we know about legendary Garaden Vada Pav in Camp, we could find many best spots in Pune like Joshi vadewale etc.

Dabeli :

Pune people love this food. You will see the proof of that if check crowd at famous Yashwant dabeli stall at Deccan. Its again a great time to have crispy dabeli in rainy weather.

Onion Bhajji :
You could also enjoy crispy onion bhajiya at vada pav stalls in many areas of Pune. This is one of the favorite rain food choices of Pune people.

Roasted Corn (Bhutta) On The Cob :

You will find many spots in and around Pune to enjoy hot and fresh roasted Corn (Bhutta).  This is unforgettable experience to enjoy it having in the rain. In rainy season, you could visit corn stalls at the bank of Mula- Mutha river, in Pimpri Chinchwad, if you go Ravet Basket bridge, the hot corn bhutta you could enjoy by watching Pavana river view. Its a worth to experience it. Moreover, if you see around Pune, there are many places like Sinhgad fort, Mulshi dam, Pavna dam, Lohgad fort, Lavasa to enjoy the corn with nature.

Roasted Raw Peanuts :

Along with Corn, you could eat roasted raw peanuts at all mentioned places. You can also have boiled raw peanuts if you visit Sinhgad fort.

Masala Dosa with Hot Sambhar :

No need to say go Vaishali hotel at FC road and taste its dosa with a brilliant sambhar, specially its sambhar is totally worth to have it many times without thinking. There are many good south Indian hotels serves best dosa.

Momo :

People also love to eat hot Chicken Momo, Veg Momo and also its fried version. Pune has many famous Momo spots across the city. You could try out stallls at FC road.

People also try their food at many famous eating spots like :

  • Masala Dosa at Vaishali Hotel FC road.
  • Appe at Wadeshwar FC road
  • Sabudana Khichdi at Appachi Khichdi Sadashiv Peth
  • Amruteshwar Pohe
  • Ashok Tea in Phugewadi
  • Supreme Corner Pav Bhaji JM road
  • Girija Pav Bhaji Kothrud
  • Shegaon Kachori Deccan
  • Kapila Kathi Kabab and rolls Dhole Patil Road
  • Amruttulya tea at stalls and spots located in different peth areas.
  • Kadhai Rabdi Jalebi Wakad
  • Shivsagar Pav Bhaji
  • Shreyas Thali
  • Khandeshi Katta in Aundh

So what are you waiting for, go and enjoy the food with rain. You could share your eating experience.

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