Best Eating Places in Pune to visit in winter

  1. eating places winter puneShivkailash Lassi and Hot Milk

While having cold weather, if you looks for delicious lassi or tasty hot milk, the Shivkailash Dairy located opposite to Pune railway station is must visit place for the same. This old and famous spot serves best malai Lassi and hot masala Milk along with other delicious items like faluda, ice-cream and kalakand.

  1. Ashok Tea

If you get hot ginger tea in early morning of winter season when cold weather is everywhere, this would be amazing experience. The Ashok hotel opposite Dapodi Megamart is very famous since many years for its brilliant ginger- cardamom tea. This is popular spot among all age group for having this brilliant hot tea.

  1. Breakfast at Vaisahli FC Road

This is amazing to have southi Indian breakfast at legendary Hotel Vaishali at FC road in the winter morning especially with its hot and tasty sambar. We would recommend for having Dosa and hot Sabudana vada along with filter coffee. All other food items are equally delicious.

  1. Misal Pav at any famous Misal pav spot

You can’t miss to go for hot and spicy misal pav in cold weather when we looks for something refreshing breakfast and Misal pav dish is very popular. You can visit many famous spots like Bedekar Misal, Aaba Misal Rasta Peth, Kata kirr or krihna Bhuvan at Tushibaug.

  1. Sujata Mastani

You can go and enjoy quality Mastani and Ice cream in the cold weather; there are many branches across the city.

  1. Kadhai Jalebi Aundh

This famous spot serves delicious and crispy Jalebi along with Rabdi which you can’t avoid in cold weather.

  1. Tiranga Hotel Non Veg

If you are looking for best non veg with hot spicy rassa in cold weather, the Tiranga hotel serves refreshing spicy non veg which you can’t miss.

We will be adding more places. Please share your choices.


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