Top Foods IT Engineers should Eat To Lose Weight

As we know, IT engineer needs to sit at least 7-8 hours a day and that makes difficult lot lose weight if doesn’t care about what we eat and do exercise. Basically when we have sitting job, its required to pay more attention our food to make our weight in balance and to keep healthy body.We are going to discuss on en foods which could help to achieve this goal, there are many food to achieve the weight loss aim, here we will see an easily accessible and simple foods. Please understand that the thumb rule for losing weight is to provide more proteins, complex carbohydrates and avoiding simple carbohydrates.

Along with this rule, you also needs an adequate exercise at least half an hour a day. Our body should be in a lethargic mode so timely body stretching and a work break also required. IT people should seriously think on body care as its most valuable asset and without that other success is nothing. If you have an healthy body you could work more and enjoy the life at any stage.

top foods engineers

Egg Whites

Egg Whites is one of the best protein foods available easily and in a very low cost. You could use it in breakfast or throughout a day whenever you want. You could make dishes like half fry egg white, egg white boiled egg, or just omelette with egg whites.

Chicken Breast

This is another best protein food which would make you healthy and also satisfy your taste buds as you could make many delicious dishes with this. Please make sure don’t use extra oil, salt and spices than required.

Daal (Lentils)

There are many types of Daal easily available and you could make many dishes using them. Daal is having protein, complex cabohydrates to make your food nutritious and ultimately healthy body for you.

Wheat Roti

Instead using refined flour, yopu should Wheat while making roti or Indian bread. It contains complex carbohydrates, fibre and proteins. When you have complex carbohydrates, your body gets long lasting energy from it which results you don’t feel hungry for a long time.


This is agin easily available and having a lot of health benefits. You could have roasted peanuts in snacks or can timely use in breakfast dishes like pohe.


This is one of the best powerful foods which gives almost all required nutrients. Almonds always has been a favorite food among all age group. You could altest eat 7-8 almond a day to gain maximum benefits. There is no need to soak it in water instead it in raw manner.

We have discussed, some simple food but understand there are still many foods you could take to get the same benefits. All in all achieving a good health should be in our mind. So what are you waiting for. All the best. Please don’t forget if you want to share your valuable tips.



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