Life Without Mind

We are so obsessed with using mind in a daily life in such a way that it seems we can not live without our mind but in reality, if you start practicing using this mind only when and not identifying yourself as only mind your natural intelligence will get unveiled that will lead the LIFE and only flow of LIFE.

In a simple words when we identify ourselves with the mind, this ever changing mind state becomes our reality and we live life accordingly defining those states as happiness and sorrow. For examole, the same happiness in childhood becomes boring and mundane when we become an adult. This trap is endless and we never understand LIFE.

The point is we have to understand this Mind game and gets separated by not participating in that but just using mind as a tool to survive in this materials tic world. Love, peace and joy is our true nature and that can not unveiled unless we stop becomjng mind slave.

I hope this practice make human beings more aware and head towards the real nature of us.

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