Food Places – They Need Your Patience and Support


This post is written to explain the current situation of Restaurants, Hotels, and Street Food Vendors. We already know that they are most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Govt is trying its best to bring their business up and running with a new normal which includes, social distancing, proper hygiene, and timely use masks and sanitizer.


As a Customer How could we support Food Places/Hotels –

It’s also our responsibility to cooperate with them by avoiding the rush and following the Govt guidelines while purchasing food from them. We are collectively fighting this situation and sure that it’s going to be successful.

We know that it been an unprecedented situation and we are missing the way we used to eat outside enjoying moments in eating places along with family and friends. As a REstaurant owner, they have to adjust to new normal and continue serving the great food. They are trying best and we all are witnessing the efforts. Over a period of time, this situation will improve, and again we will be with normal LIFE.

Street Food Vendors will be also up and running soon with new energy and new normal. As a responsible citizen, We will monitor them and also guide if they lack somewhere in terms of keeping with a new normal. Ultimately we all are human beings and HUMANITY comes with help and support.




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