Ramnath Misal Tilak Road Pune

Pune has many legendary Misal pav spots and some places have the spicy misal speciality. If you go Tilak road, you will find one of such old spot which is famous for its brilliant misal.


Ramnath Misal, located behind Durvankur on Tilak road is famous for its spicy Misal. This spot has been serving spicy delicious misal since many years with  the same quality. They serve misal with bread slices instead of usually we get with pav if you go anywhere else. Misal gravy has two types, spicy Misal lovers can get spicy type and other can enjoy with regular gravy category.

Though the place is small, ambience is good and have quick service. Along with delicious misal, you can have buttermilk to digest spicy Misal. Altogether, must visit place for Misal lovers. Go and enjoy the spicy misal thrill.


Address :

Ramnath Misal. Tilak road Pune


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