Best Khandeshi Food in Aundh – Hotel Sangam Khandesh Katta Pune

If you are looking for Khandesh restaurant in Pune especially for varan batti with spicy baigan subji, this is one of the best khandeshi food spot. Khandeshi food means the cuisine of North Maharashtra which includes jalgaon khandesh area.


The khandeshi food principally has food items like varan batti, baigan bharta, spicy shev bhaji and different types of subji made up with khandeshi spices. In Pune, there are many khandeshi hotels which serve delicious north Maharashtra food. Hotel Sangam- khandesh katta is located at the end of Sangvi bridge while going from Aundh to Sangvi near petrol pump. This spot has lot of brilliant khandeshi food items like varan batti with baigan sabji, shev bhaji, special dal gandori,patoda sabji etc. In a week starting from Monday to Sunday they have special dish for every day.




We had chance to go there many times, in fact it’s our one of the favorite spot to have khandeshi food on weekends. We don’t miss to have Saturday special dish, varan batti with spicy baigan sabji. Varan means daal and batti is like fried bati but they use multiple grains to prepare batti. If you mash batti with daal and eat with baigan sabji, it gets truly amazing experience. Apart from this, they have spicy shev bhaji and special khandeshi bibde, bibde like papad made up of jawar. You will also get kalna(udid) bhakri and green chilly chutney.


Altogether, if you would like to taste brilliant khandeshi food with family, this is must visit spot. Service is really very good; please take care of parking as it doesn’t have parking space for four wheelers.

Please do visit and share your experience.


Hotel Sangam Khandesh Katta,

Near Shitole Petrol Pump Old Sangvi Bridge, Aundh Pune.

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