Sukanta Thali, Phulachi Wadi, Deccan Gymkhana Pune

Guys, we are back with delicious thali, Sukanta Thali. We bet this place is not known onlyfor the people who are either very new to Pune or who are not staying in the Pune.
Sukanta Thali gives perfect taste for every item included in the thali. Every subji in the thali has amazing taste. When we had visited this place, as usual, the crowd outside the place was showing the consistent popularity. Everyone was eager to eat it and that does reflect the success of Sukanata Thali.
Sukanta Thali is located in Phulachi wadi near Deccan. The Thali is having three different types of Subji, Daal, Sweet (Special delicious AamRas in the summer), Phulka/chapatti, small pizza and samosa, chutney etc.
We strongly recommend this place at least once if you would like to have Perfect Thali taste celebration.
Address :
Sukanta Thali
Phulachi Wadi, Deccan Gymkhana Pune
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