Dakshin Yaan A/C Restaurant and Cafe Ravet

This newly opened South Indian Special Restaurant in Ravet PCMC has won our heart for its quality Food, excellent Service and cleanliness which is must thing for ongoing COVID situation. We were planning to have South Indian Food and suddenly got the attention for Dakshin Yaan restaurant so thought let’s try out there.

It’s a refreshing Sunday afternoon, we reached there. The first impressing thing we found there was the interior decoration they have made which is nature friendly and the seating arrangement was best as comfortable for the Family and others. It’s a skill to keep all things as Customer Friendly in a small place and We give full marks for that.

Let’s come to Food, we have ordered, Mhysoor Masala Dosa, Plain Dosa and Paper Dosa. They have patiently taken our order and we got started waiting for it. Before we dive into Food details, let’s briefly elaborate the service part, it was excellent and timely reachable for our demand as having Food. Ok, one by one we could have more details on the food we ordered.

Mhysoor Masala Dosa, literally made us remind mthee taste of Bengaluru where I use to have it frequently. The freshness and crispy Dosa nature along with mouth- watering Coconut Chuteny made it heaven. Along this we have had brilliant Sambar and Tomato Chutney. Moreover, Paper Dosa and Plain Dosa have had the same eating experience. In PCMC, we have got the authentic South Indian Food right here. Every bite of Dosa along with chutney and Sambar worth to enjoy. Finally, We have decided to finish our tour by Filter Coffee and no need to say, it was truly added value to our experience. The Coffee was again having authentic taste.

Altogether, guys, we are highly recommended DakshinYan Restaurant to come here and enjoy your food with everything as you always expect with an ideal restaurant. They also serve North Indian Dishes, Mocktail and Sandwiches.

Address :

Near Ravet Pumping Station,

Sector 29, Ravet, Pimpri-Chinchwad

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