Best Kathi Kebab Roll In Pune – Kapila Kathi Kebab Dhole Patil Road Pune

If you’re looking for Chicken kathi kebab, don’t miss to visit this place. The awesome juicy kathi rolls with same taste since started, the kapila kathi kebab now becomes one of the famous and can’t miss place for kathi roll lovers.
They serve different types of chicken and veg roll but Chicken kathi kebab roll is having brilliant taste. You can also have egg,paneer or potato rolls.
kapil rolls pune dhole patil
It’s totally worth for the money and amazing taste experience. Kapila has no doubt one of the best kathi roll in the city.


Kapila is located at dhole patil road near to Ganesh temple and opposite to Kapila restaurant.

Don’t forget to share your experiences whenever visits.
Kapila Kathi Kebab,
Dhole Patil Road Pune

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