Best Jalebi in Pune – Kadhai Aundh Pune

Guys, when Jalebi comes in mind,

We surely search for the places where can get delicious jalebi and that also hot!. Jalebi is one of the popular indian food like Samosa. People become crazy to have hot jalebi.whenever get the chance. When question comes of the Jalebi places, finding hot jalebi spot foodies would like do over the weekend or whenever get the time.

In Pune there are many places which serve tasty hot jalebis. Today we have brought you one of such place which is famous for its jalebis. Kadhai in Aundh, this spot has made the jalebi dish more beautiful by making the taste absolutely mouthwatering. We have been coming since many years but still get same consistent taste.

When you reaches the Parihar chowk just continue with Aundh ITI road till Crossword store at right side. Kadhai is exactly below the Crossword store near to Natural ice cream.

Best Kadhai Jalebi Aundh

If you would like to know about the special stuffs Kadhai Jalebi having, this Jalebi is small in size exactly the whole jalebi can fit in the mouth without any effort morever its crispy and fried with desi ghee that again adds unique taste. Whenever you are here finds crowd..

Another thing would like to point the jalebi and rabdi combination just awesome.  You cant miss having that. Small 4-5 crispy delicious hot jalebies completely filled with rabdi made Kadhai Aundh one of the popular Jalebi spot in Pune.

Along with Jalebi and Rabdi you can also have other tasty food items like chat, kachori, samosa and south indian snacks etc. We will recommend having hot chole bhatore and spicy pav bhaji as well.

There is ample parking space at basement near to Kadhai hotel. Please don’t park in front of the hotel to avoid traffic rule issues.

This is absolutely perfect place to have hot quality crispy Jalebi with same taste when come next time.

Pleae do visit, surely you will become addicted to be here and when go don’t forget to share your experience.
Address  :
Below Crossword, Aundh Pune

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