Sudamache Pohe Pune – Game changer in Pohe

We have been visiting ‘Sudamache Pohe’, the Pohe (Maharashtriyan Breakfast) selling outlet in Nigdi pradhikararan, PCMC area and here is the more details on this.

This breakfast out serves nine type of Pohe and each type makes you to talk about this spot as we find equally tasty and tempts us come back to visit Sudamache Pohe outlet. If we talk about Pohe, this is a popular breakfast across India, especially in Maharashtra. This joint has made the sincere efforts to make it more delicious and tasty along with keeping it pocket-friendly and maintain the cleanliness at outlet.

What are Pohe types we get here?

They serve, Kande Pohe, Dadpi Pohe, Konkani Pohe, Matki Pohe, Kurkure Pohe, Dahi Pohe, Matki Pohe, Tari Pohe and Sambar Pohe. We found the every dish brilliant in a taste. In Kurkure pohe they use chivada and lemon mising it with regular pohe which makes it more tasty. Tarri pohe is nothing but spicy gravy added in Pohe whereas Dadpi Pohe is adding tadaka over soaked Pohe.

They have kept the same price for each type as 20 INR except for Matki pohe which get at 25 INR. If we talk about cleanliness and hygiene, its at best. Morever, we get delicious tea at 10 INR which again makes your Pohe treat more enjoyable.

Sudamache Pohe has multiple branches across Pune and PCMC area. Altogether, we should this Pohe outlet to enjoy the memorable experience having different types of pohe at pocket friendly prices.

Address –

Sudamache Pohe.

Government Employee Staff Quarters,

Akurdi Station road, Nigdi Pradhikaran. Nigdi Pune

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