Spicy Misal Pav Aundh – Radhika Pure Veg Aundh Pune

Pune has several best places for delicious spicy misal pav in every area. We will be covering as as many as whenever gets the chance.If you are looking for spicy misal pav in Aundh, the Radhika veg restaurant is one of the best option as they serve spicy Kolhapuri type Misal Pav.

aundh misal pav

Typically kolhapuri style misal pav is spicy and the spices used in the misal makes it more tasy; the same thing does with Radhika misal pav. The Misal pav gravy is delicious and spicy enough to make you remember the kolhapuri taste. This restaurant is located at Parihar chowk in the Aundh serve many delicious breakfast items along with this brilliant misal pav and simple and good place as family veg place for lunch and dinner as well.

misal pav aundh pune

We had chance to have misal pav, the farsaan used in the misal was also good, combination of chopped onions with lemon and spicy rassa brought unique taste in our mouth. Th pav is also of good quality, which was big and smooth. You could also taste only misal rassa that’s amazing.

spicy misal pav aundh

Altogether, must visit misal to enjoy kolhapuri taste. Please do visit and share your experience.


Radhika Pure Veg,

Parihar Chowk Aundh Pune

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