Popular Breakfast Foods In Pune

Pune is having many famous eating places which serves a delicious food. Today, we will discuss about food instead of food places across the city. As we aware, Pune city is popular for its tasty food, you will get a chance to eat every best food of different regions of the India. We are going to discuss on Pune’s famous and popular breakfast foods which everyone wants to have in their snacks irrespective of not born an brought up in the town. If you closely look up Pune city morning eating habits for the breakfast, you could certainly find varieties of food starting from hot Vada Pav to Spicy Misal pav.

Lets check out what are those popular breakfast foo items across the Pune people also attracts whoever comes in this city.

  • Pohe :


Who don’t knows this dish, you will rarely find someone in Pune who doesn’t eat Pohe as a breakfast rather it becomes an undivided part of Pune breakfast food and Pune culture (as it gets served to guests come for girl looking program schedules for a wedding). Pohe is made of rice flakes which is soaked in the water and then having chilly powder, turmeric and salt,  in last it got roasted with fried peanuts and chopped onions. Pune is having many famous spots which serves an amazing Pohe. You could also have a dadpi Pohe which doesn’t need to roast with oil, rest things are the same. This ype pohe is having an unique taste.

  • Upma or Upit


Upma or Upit is also one of the popular and regular breakfast dish serves at every home and most of breakfast eating places. Its made up of rava and healthy in nature as having a lot of fibre. If you eat it outside at a breakfast joint. they serves coconut chuteny along with it which makes an awesome combination to have.

  • Sheera (Sheera with Pohe or Upma)


If you see the title, we have mentioned combination of this dish with Pohe or Upma as what we usually see in Pune. Sheera is also very popular in mentioned way. Its a sweet dish made up of rava. You can find colorful Sheeralike of orange or yellow colour and also having cashew, kismis. Sheera is also has an important role of having as a sweet dish in the meal.

  • Sabudana Khichdi


This is basically a fast dish though becomes a regular breakfast food in the Pune. Its made by having Sabudana soaked for few hours and then roasted with fried peanuts and green chilly. Sabudana Khichdi with coconut-dal chuteny ot curd is an amazing eating experience. You could get this tasty dish everywhere across the town.

  • Misal Pav


Spicy food lovers in the Pune wants to have Misal Pav as a regular breakfast. We already written a lot on this amazing dish. We could not imagine foodies without Misal Pav. Pune serves a delicious Misal Pav everywhere you go. You could find out such best Misal spots on this site in Misal Pav section.

  • Vada Pav

home vada pav pune

We could not finish this article without mentioning Vada Pav, which pepole loves to have throughout a day. Vada Pav is equally popular breakfast dish like in Mumbai  or in other cities.  Who can forget to have it with spicy chilly, specially in the rainy weather. You could find many famous spots in Pune which offers a brilliant vada Pav.

So what are you waiting for, don’t forget to start your morning with these food items and enjoy Pune food culture. You could share your experience with this.

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