Mayur Misal Bhondave Corner Ravet Pune

Mayur Misal is very famous misal pav spot in Pimpri chinchwad. This place had started in 1989 and serve delicious misal since consistently. They have three branches across the town. The Ravet branch is recently opened.

mayurmisal chinchwad

The specialty of this misal is of it’s truly kolhapuri taste. The misal gravy is made up with kolhapuri spices. They serve spicy tarri along with normal misal rassa if you want to add more spiciness in the misal pav. The farsaan with fresh chopped onions and lemon makes Mayur misal add more taste in its uniqueness. If you even try only hot misal gravy, it brings amazing taste and makes your throat clear.



Along with brilliant misal pav, we can have tasty bhajji of types like batata bhaji and gol bhajji. The tea is also very refreshing. If you planning visit Ravet branch, it’s located at Bhondve corner near Bank of Maharashtra. You get ample space of parking exactly outside the hotel.

mayurmisal pav

Altogether, can’t miss kolhapuri misal pav place. Please do visit and share your experience.



Mayur Misal Bhondave Corner, near Bank of Maharashtra

Ravet Pune

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