Malhar Misal House, Dange Chowk Pune

As we said in our earlier post, Pune city is having many famous misal pav places. Somes spots are small but their misal taste forces you write on them. Today we are going to put in the picture about one of the prominent misal pav place that’s have very different and inimitable misal taste.
Malhar Misal Pune
Malhar Misal House, knowing for the kolhapuri style misal, located near Dange Chowk. We know, the kolhapuri misal usually have spicy taste but when diverse combination of spices used in the misal, the taste becomes special. Malhar misal house is having same mania, they used spices another way that outcome into spicy awesome misal curry. This misal is having grouping of whole farsaan, matki dal, and misal curry with onions. In a plate, they place misal curry and farsaan matki dal separately so we can have mixture in our own way to enjoy it. Yoghurt is also given independently to digest spicy misal. We would like to point out that, this place gives hot maska pav with misal as an alternative of simple pav that frequently we see in other spots that again make it more exclusive in terms of absolute taste.
Malhar Misal Pune
To stopover Malhar Misal House, while approaching from Aundh, just 100 meters before Dange chowk signal, at right side, you will search out it. Our idea, be there in morning and initiate your weekend with such pleasant Misal Pav, without doubt, you will come here again and again.  We will travel around more famous food places in future, so stay tuned and take pleasure in the food till then.
Malhar Misal Pune
Malhar Misal House, Dange Chowk Pune 411033
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