Kata Kirr Misal, near Kalmadi School, Off Karve Road, Erandwane, Pune

Finally, we got the chance to tell you about Pune’s very famous Misal Pav Spot, Kata Kirr Misal. Everytime you visit this place, the crowd present there will give you idea how much this Misal popular among all age group, having huge fan following. Many Punekar, starts their weekend with this spicy and delicious Misal.
Kata Kirr Misal Pune
Kata Kirr Misal is classically eminent Kolhapuri style Misal, with zesty gravy. In Misal, they serves three types of gravy (rassa), spicy, medium and light. You can choose for any one of them. Spicy rassa gives unexplained satisfaction to spicy Misal lovers. Buttermilk is available to digest spiciness.
Kata Kirr Misal Pune
After serving to customers for five years at Karve Road, Katakirr Misal has shifted to their new premises, near Kalmadi School, Nal stop, off Karve Road. The new refectory is roomy and surrounded with nice greenery area. Owner is giving consistent quality from many years with brilliant service which will not disappoint you.
Kata Kirr Misal Pune
The mixture of spices used for the preparation of Misal is really tremendous, while having experience, you will come to know. We would like to mention some rule of this place. There are boards in English and Marathi registered. Some of them are‘Do not share a single Misal. If you do so you will be charged Rs. 15 extra,  bring a Tiffin of your own if you want to parcel the gravy, you will have to wait for 10 minutes till your parcel gets ready (You can see given picture, to get complete idea).
Kata Kirr Misal Pune
If you want to visit Kata Kirr Misal, you can come directly to Kalmadi School, kelkar Road near Nal Stop, you can see this place exactly next to it. Parking is available at road side as per given rules.  
Kata Kirr Misal Pune
Kata Kirr Misal, near Kalmadi School, Off Karve Road, Erandwane, Pune
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