Dhadge Misal, Hotel Anand Bhuvan, Khadki, Pune.

We are following our promise J as today over again brought you another Misal Pav spot in Pune. Dhadge Misal, located in Khadki Bazaar Pune is famous for its delicious spicy Misal. This place serves spicy Misal which is having special grouping of spices for the Misal curry preparation.

dhadge misal pune
Along with farsaan, sprouts, chopped onions and tasty Misal rassa(curry/gravy) makes this Misal as excellent as other renowned Misal in Pune in terms of exclusive tang. This Misal has immense fan following in Pune.We have enjoyed the Misal wholly, the gravy taste force us to take twice-thrice discretely. It’s just incredible.
dhadge misal pune

If you would like to measure up to it other Misal, we will say, this is having zesty taste and permutation of farsaan and gravy totally unlike from others. You will not disappoint at all as the owner Dhadge bandhu has maintained the taste quality consistently.

dhadge misal pune
If you are thinking to visit this place, please park your car at main Khadki road as this hotel is located in small road lane, though you will not face any problem for two wheeler parking.
dhadge misal pune

Enjoying this Misal in early morning in weekend is very interesting experience as the Misal taste will remained on tongue for the whole day :- )

dhadge misal pune
So don’t wait and just visit this amazing Misal. Till then, we will be finding various famous food places for you.
Dhadge Misal, Anand Bhuvan, Khadki, Pune.
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