Bipin Snacks Karve Road Pune

If you have best food quality, all other things doesn’t matter. The Bipin snacks center located next to Sahyadri hospital opposite Garware College is best example of this truth.


This place has set the benchmark for snack quality. Since many years,  with same small stall like place, its serving best quality for everything gets here like pohe, upma, kakdi khichdi and many more delicious items. The consistent crowd outside the bipin snack center shows the popularity of every food items gets here.
We had chance to have pohe and upma which were truly amazing like having home taste. Don’t forget to taste kakdi khichadi which is again has unique and mouth watering taste.


With low prices, this snack spot is popular among students as well. You could reach this place while going kothrud by karve road; opposite Garware College you will find small shop next to Sahyadri hospital. We recommend visiting this place to get brilliant snacks.

Please do visit and share your experience.


Bipin Snacks and Juice Center

Near Sahyadri Hospital, Karve Road, Pune


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