Misal Pav: Bhairavnath Hotel, Wagholi, off Nagar Highway, Pune.

We are writing about this place as there are many reasons. This place brings new taste and identity in Misal with including nutritious items like matki dal, green Pease, and spicy homemade spices for the Misal curry.

Bhairavnath Hotel Wagholi

While going towards Ahmadnagar, after few meters from Wagheshwar temple off the Nagar highway at Wagholi, you will get this famous Misal spot. This Misal gives satisfaction of having great taste and getting proper nutrition as well.

Bhairavnath Hotel Wagholi

Combination of Matki dal and green Pease with sev and spice curry makes this Misal awesome in every sense. When you take hot spicy curry separately, you will definitely know the uniqueness of this Misal.

Bhairavnath Hotel Wagholi
This place is always crowded with people for other reasons like you can have great Matki Bhel taste. As per our analysis, consistency in quality, good service makes this place famous Misal spot in Pune area.
Bhairavnath Hotel Wagholi
You can get Misal taste usually till 3pm every day; still afterwards special matki bhel can be available. At least once everyone should visit the Hotel Bhairavnath for having taste of its amazing Misal and Matki bhel.
Bhairavnath Hotel Wagholi
Weekend idea :
Have a taste of this Misal in morning; in afternoon see movie in nearby multiplex and evening can spend with shopping in phoenix mall..
Address : 
Shree Bhairavnath Hotel, off Nagar Highway, Wagholi, Pune.Let us know, how did you enjoy this Misal?
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