Best Vada Pav in Pune – Garden Vada Pav Camp Pune

Garden Vada pav is legendary place for the delicious mouthwatering Vada pav. Literally, this place has set the benchmark for Pune vada pav. It’s one of the old famous vada pav place, which is serving consistent taste since many years. Started as small stall, many years ago now become can’t miss vada pav spot in the Pune.
Garden vada pav speciality is its crispy and the potato masala used for vada is totally amazing. While eating, it melts, you will thoroughly enjoy the whole vada pav along with red and green chuteny and the green chilly prepared in lemon. Don’t forget to enjoy the churi with vada pav, churi is fried besan pieces while frying vada. It’s very tasty. They use big and quality pav for the vada.

This place is located in Camp area near to MG road. Overall can’t miss vada pav spot. If you’re vada pav lover you should not miss it.

Please do visit and share hows your experience.

Garden Vada Pav Center
Butee Street Camp Pune

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