Best Samosa in Pune- Anarse Samosewale Sadashiv Peth Pune

Samosa is one of the most popular food item in India.  People loves having it without any occasion,  it becomes breakfast for someone and some eats whenever feels. This food is favourite among all age group.
In Pune we are going to explore one of the old and best Samosa places which serve delicious Samosas consistently since many years. If you see the crowd outside this place, this shows the popularity and love towards the quality and taste of the Samosa.
When you see this samosa it looks like very normal samosa with basic things but while having it with green and red chutney you find the difference why this is so popular and why everyone gets crazy to get it. Its unique taste makes it so special among other samosa places in Pune. Samosa with chuteny shev and chopped onions makes the great combination. Anarse Samosawale has board its says ‘jivala kha’ in marathi that means eat for your body and its totally true having taste of this legendary place. This place is now punekars one of favourite and can’t miss food joints.

If you want to visit you will have to come in Sadashiv peth, near the Dnyanprabhodhini School. This place is located at shop no. 4 over there.

So what are you waiting for this is can’t miss eating place whenever get the chance have it!

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Address :
Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj Road,
Sadashiv Peth, Pune

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