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Geeta Fast Food Nigdi Pune

Guys, if you are looking for a best spot for having a fresh breakfast or wants to have a delicious fast food,  Geeta Fast Food located opposite to Lokmanya Hospital and near to Bhel chowk in Nigdi serves a best quality in every category starting from Maharashtriyan Breakfast like Misal pav, Upma or Pohe. In South Indian breakfast items like from different types of dosa, uttapa, ideli and vada sambar; every food item is delicious and mouth watering. Last week we have had a chance to taste their food; we had taken Misal Pav, Rava Onion Dosa and mango shake.



Lets start from Misal Pav, the quality and taste was amazing, they have kept authentic taste with spicy  kolhapuri misal gravy, farsaan and gravy combination makes this misal unique. Pav quality was a very good. As said, in south indian breakfast items they have maintained South Indian touch in every item, our rava onion dosa was equally tast, sambar and chuteny had a nice taste. If we talks about fruit juice they serves, we would like to specially mention thatwith less sugar and fruit freshness they added special taste in jiuce or any type of Milk shake. Our Mango shake was telling same things.


Now come to specialty of this spot, Pav Bhaji, yes you have heard right, this restaurant is famous for their different types of mouth waterning Pav Bhaji. Since last many years, they have maintained same  brilliant taste.  The Pav bhaji spices are unique to make it more delicious and specially more en-joyful with having butter and cheese. We recommend you to taste Geeta Paneer Pav bhaji with masala Pav. So all in all, Geeta Fast Food restaurant is worth to have a brilliant breakfast and snacks items, restaurant ambiance is family friendly and also have a prompt service. Please share your experience once visit.



Address :

Geeta Fast Food

Opposite Lokmanya Hospital

near Bhel Chowk Nigdi Pune



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