Best Bakeries In Pune

Guys, if you are looking for the bakery to taste delicious cakes, pastries, puff, biscuits, Pune has many options of having excellent bakeries across all area.  If you closely see, why people likes bakery products there will be many answers from all age group, someone says, I could not resist myself to have pastries while someone in love with crispy biscuits and fresh bread. Everyone has a reason to enjoy the Bakery food. Pune is famous for many legendary bakery spots which serve great bakery products ranging from delicious various types of cakes, puff, biscuits and much more brilliant food items. We will take a closer look at such places along with their specialties.


  • Kayani Bakery

This is one of the old and famous bakeries which is located at East street in Cam area Pune. Kayani bakery has many bakery products which have become popular among all age group. If you ask about speciality, a list goes on, Mava cake, fresh bread, chocolate cake and who can forget delicious taste of Shrewsbury biscuits which is most popular item gets here. You could read more on Kayani bakery in our another article.

  • Royal bakery

As we have discussed, old bakeries in the Pune have consistently maintained the quality and here you can have another such bakery place. Royal bakery located in Camp area again one of the old spots which serve the best quality products. Their speciality is fresh bread and brilliant cookies along with different kinds of pastries and cakes.

  • Santosh Bakery

This is located in Shivajinagar area and popular for its crispy and mouth-watering veg pattice. Santosh bakery is oldest bakeries in Shivajinagar (recently done the makeover); people have an emotional touch while having its bakery products as many one has been enjoyed their veg pattice and maska khari since childhood. Every product is equally tasty and worth to have.

  • New Poona Bakery

Poona bakery is famous for its fresh cakes and crispy veg pattice. In cakes, you can have multiple types. All in all, they have more than 100 types of bakery products which include best quality cakes, pastries, pattice (veg, Manchurian, paneer etc).  New Puna Bakery has many branches across the Pune, the main branch is located in Hinjewadi.

  • Bakers Hut

Bakers Hut is one of the popular bakeries in Pimpri Chinchwad area; located near Bhel chowk, this bakery is famous for its variety of tasty and fresh cakes. Along with cakes, mask khari, different types of puff  are equally delicious. You could read on this bakery here.

  • Spicer College Bakery off Aundh Khadki road

This is one of the best bakery located in Spicer college campus but has an access to outsiders as you can reach out off the Aundh Khadki road. They have a delicious Donuts, cakes, and crispy veg pattice. People enjoy their products while going off the road.Though we have discussed some best bakeries so far, this list doesnt stop here. Along with these bakeries you can also have spots which are euqlly popular and worth to enjoy their products. So what are you waiting for, go and have a bakery treat 🙂

  • Dorabjee’s bakery
  • Hindustan Bakery
  • Ramsar Bakery
  • Naaz Bakery
  • Sugardough Bakery
  • Sweet Chariot
  • Cake Factory
  • Just Baked


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